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Schuls / Scuol

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Schuls ("Scuol" in Romansh) is a small village located in the lower part of the valley Engadin (or "Engiadina" in Romansh) in the canton Graubünden at an elevation of 1244 meters above sea level (4081 feet). Along the always busy main street, there are new houses and modern stores and shops. However, below the main street - closer to the river - there is a more quiet old part of the village with beautifully renovated traditional houses, see pictures below.
Scuol is the terminal station of the "Rätische Bahn" (RhB) and is situated close to the Swiss national park.
Information about the climate in Schuls is also available on this website.

Location of Scuol

A few pictures of Scuol (click on the images for an enlargement):

The village of Scuol seen from the opposite side of the river En (Inn)
The village of Scuol seen from the opposite side of the river En (Inn)


A narrow road passes through the old part of Scuol Wooden covered bridge The roads are covered with paving-stones
House with a sundial and decorations A pink house decorated with traditional paintings Some people also use flowers to decorate their houses
Small windows and a large entrance door are typical features of houses in this area A bay-window Houses or often built together
House with a small bay-window House with rich paintings
Each house is different, but they blend together perfectly House decorated with coloured bricks House with a big balcony
Sundial Carefully crafted wooden door Coat of arms of the Stocker family
The church of Scuol resides high above the river En Church of Scuol A rich decorated graveyard

See for more information about the region and for specific information about Scuol.

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